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Two Rivers at 9A Projects

IOU’s atmospheric sculptural sound installation, Two Rivers, will be at 9A from 1st - 30th April 2023.

Two Rivers  has been created by IOU in collaboration with artist Richard Wincer, writer Louise Oliver, composer Dan Morrison and sculptor Andy Plant.

The installation  fuses  woodcuts, sculpture, technology, spoken word, and sound art to explore themes of evolution, heritage, legacy - the circle of life, the passage of time, the cycles of nature.

“We conceived it as a place where snippets of life were seen taking place along the banks of the rivers.  There is a feeling that life is fleeting but is captured here in sounds, words and images”  Writer Louise Oliver

Spindly legged  school  desks reveal trays of inscribed fragments of slate. From tiny speakers  the words create a rhythmic soundscape, atmospheric and  lyrical, creating a contemplative and calm experience that builds in an hourly cycle.

“All life is in the spiral and in the moon’s eclipse”


About IOU

IOU is a leading producer of interdisciplinary site-specific contemporary art.  

We develop and present our work  at our Creation Centre made up of a studio, gallery and workshop at Dean Clough, Halifax and at the Hebden Bridge Hostel.

Our aim is to make original innovative productions, support and develop artists and engage local communities and public audiences. 

We are inventive, imaginative and distinctive. IOU is made up of a creative team with a core group of six members.  We work closely with a whole host of other creatives, commissioned artists, makers and producers to create what people know and love, as IOU.


Opening Times and Activities

Two Rivers will be open every weekend (excluding Easter Sunday 9th April) from 12PM- 5PM.  

An exciting programme of events will run alongside the exhibition.

Events Programme

Sat 1st April 2023- Exhibition Preview 4pm-7pm 

Join us for the exhibition preview  and an opportunity to visit other artist studios at Robinwood Mill and have a beer at the onsite Eagle Crag Brewery.

Light refreshments provided. 

Sat 15th  Family Day - 12 - 5pm

Activities for children led by Two Rivers artist Louise Oliver

Sat 22nd April 2023 - Artist Talk

( Free but ticket required) - 5pm
More information to follow shortly

Week commencing 17 April - School visits - contact -

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