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Meet the Neighbours: Eagles Crag

Our home, Robinwood Mill, has quite the back story. Come and see us and we will tell you a tale that intertwines a cotton dynasty and Radical politics with Darth Vader and the emergence of acid house in the UK.

Today, Robinwood is home to a growing community of artists and makers and it’s a becoming something of a destination, not least since our neighbours at Eagles Crag Brewery began opening their tap room on the last Friday and Saturday of the month.

Eagles Crag is an independent brewery that makes and sells award winning fine quality craft beer. Their operation is built on passion, expertise and care for their craft. Casks are their main jam, but they produce a fine range of keg and bottled beers that run from rich, deep porters to blonde, fragrant session ales and all wonderful things in between.

It's a special treat when a 9A event coincides with a tap room opening and that’s exactly what’s happening on Saturday 27th August.

On the 27th you can join us in the gallery at 4pm to hear curator Jon Wood and artist Howard Eaglestone discuss Dark Toys, the exhibition of Howard’s paintings that has another 3 weeks to run at 9A Projects. After the talk, you can head downstairs to Eagles Crag where Chris and Dave (pictured) will be manning the taps.

There, that’s your perfect afternoon-into-evening activity all sorted.

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