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GALLERY OPEN, SHOW UP. Mass X: an ecology of souls, 26th June-25th July.

This weekend we opened, showing work by Jo Harris and Andrew Taylor from Todmorden's Studio Knottswood. For the inaugural show, Harris & Taylor focussed on the location/setting of their practice and 9A's gallery; a steep-sided valley between the Gliviger Gorge and Todmorden. Working with photography, printmaking, projections and large-scale drawing, 'Mass X: an ecology of souls' made direct links to the landscape seen through the gallery's windows. The work on show steadily unpicked any immediate correspondence between inside-outside, effectively slowing time in its exploration of echoes, reverberations and processes of accumulation.

Micro-fossils recovered from Todmorden Moor evidenced an extinct species of shark from a long-lost sea; standing stones and rock formations shaped by wind erosion and cultural intervention; and deep ravines haunted by things accumulated, then left behind. Overseeing this was a projected image of the sun which grew in intensity as afternoon turned to evening.

Opening times: Saturday's and Sunday's through July, 12-5pm.

9A Projects, Robinwood Mill, Todmorden OL14 8JA

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