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Phantom Limn


18 June - 16 July 2022

Chronicles was a group exhibition by the experimental drawing research group Phantom Limn.  It took place at 9A Projects in Todmorden from 18 June - 16 July 2022.

The exhibition contained new work specifically made in collaboration and individually for Chronicles.

Phantom Limn, is an ongoing collaboration, between artists whose work incorporate different systems of experimental drawing.  The artists involved in the collaboration are Kelly Chorpening, Stuart Bennett, Vèronique Devoldère, Rebecca Fortnum, Dean Hughes, David Mackintosh and Marc Nagtzaam.

The work in Chronicles developed through online discussions where an experimental text was established. Each member of the group initiated and then responded to a text in the round. The resulting fractured narrative became the talking point for ideas for chronicles and the point of collaboration. Some of the work in the exhibition arose as a direct response to these meetings and the text, other work skirmished around its edges.

Stuart Bennett’s work interplays with the architecture of the exhibition space seeking friction between raw material and finished art object as a proposition of a particular notion of being in the world. Kelly Chorpening’s drawing is a conceptual realm of artistic proposal; a dimension in which illusion, materiality and structural systems converge to develop their own self-sustained, semiotic logic. Véronique Devoldère’s work involves process based on narrative, the archive and the gesture with a specific focus on the practice of drawing. For Chronicles her drawings develop visual narratives based on the shared creative writing experience, using Christian Richardière’s colour harmony templates first published in 1976. Rebecca Fortnum is a painter and writer who is most interested in the artists and art of the past. Her current fascination are the women sculptors who came and went in Rodin’s studio. Dean Hughes re-organises and re-presents quotidian exchanges with the material world.  David Mackintosh’s impulsive drawings emit a Tourette’s like compulsion to be seen and heard. Marc Nagtzaam is searching for representations of a (seemingly) concrete reality as well as for images which can only exist as a drawing.

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