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Studio Knottswood

MASS X: An Ecology of Souls

26th June - 25th July 2021

Exhibition open Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm

Private View, Saturday 26th June, 1-5pm

As we move towards alignment with the Summer Solstice on June 21st, 9A presents an exhibition of sculptural drawing, photography, printmaking and projection by Studio Knottswood. 

The work emerges from a psychogeographic practice and constellates around Todmorden and the Calder Valley. MASS X: An Ecology of Souls creates a lived-experiences of art, heritage and ecology; making reconnections to landscape, rooted in the present, revealing unfound ground paths and rhizomic connections hidden within people, places, and environments. 

Experiencing Mass X: An Ecology of Souls is about being and art; making a space for change, dissolving the system, the simulation and the spectacle, and connecting us to our physical, human and spiritual heritage.  

(image) Rise of Briganti, 2021. Working Drawing by Studio Knottswood.

IMG Rise of Briganti.jpeg
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